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FactSet Troubleshooting Utility

This utility is used to perform connection tests, send diagnostics, and solve common issues with FactSet software and Microsoft Office Integration.

FactSet Troubleshooting Utility 3
FactSet Troubleshooting Utility 2

FactSet Remote Assistance

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FactSet Download Website

The FactSet download website (https://www.factset.com/download) contains the latest FactSet installers plus a number of useful technical documents. Key documents hosted on this site include:

  • FactSet Installation Guide
  • FactSet Quick Start Installation Guide
  • FactSet Technology Overview Guide
  • FactSet Connect Instructions
  • FactSet Troubleshooting Guide
  • FactSet Client Data Integration Technology Overview

FactSet Framework Overview

The FactSet Framework Overview provides details regarding the FactSet software release cycle and benefits of upgrading FactSet.
GR = General Release
EA = Early Adopter Release
Framework PolicyFactSet FrameworkOnlineComponents OverlayReleaseFramework Retirement
Future Release20162016.9 TBD
Optimal20162016.7 TBD
Acceptable20162016.6 TBD
Acceptable20162016.5 TBD
Acceptable20162016.4 TBD
Marginal20162016.3 TBD
Marginal20162016.2 TBD
Marginal20162016.1 Apr 9 2018
RetiredAnnapurna2013.15 Nov 13 2017
RetiredAnnapurna2013.14 Nov 13 2017
RetiredAnnapurna2013.13 Nov 13 2017
RetiredAnnapurna2013.12 Nov 13 2017
RetiredAnnapurna2013.11 Nov 13 2017
RetiredAnnapurna2013.10 Nov 13 2017
RetiredAnnapurna2013.9 Nov 13 2017
RetiredAnnapurna2013.8 Nov 13 2017
RetiredAnnapurna2013.7 Nov 13 2017
RetiredAnnapurna2013.6 Nov 13 2017
RetiredAnnapurna2013.5 Nov 13 2017
RetiredAnnapurna2013.4 Nov 13 2017
RetiredAnnapurna2013.3 Nov 13 2017
RetiredAnnapurna2013.2 Nov 13 2017
RetiredAnnapurna2013.1 Nov 13 2017